New renovated building of high standards

Summer 2015, we concluded the phase one of Boldwin School building and facility renovation project. This included a state of the art Kgs department that is totally isolated from the upper grades. This ensure safety for  kids and gives them their independent space. The kindergarten department is equipped with all what is needed to perform 21st century learning. The elementary classes are on a separate floor and have their separate playground to ensure that grades 1-5 won’t be mixed with upper grades on recess time. New toilets and sanitary have  been installed as well as electricity equipments that have sensitive switches which means that no possibility that a  child might  contact electric current. All rooms have double glazing to protect against the cold weather; also, rooms are spacious according to the ministry of education standards, and enough lights comes through the big windows. Furthermore,  central heating system is installed in all rooms with an automatic regulator of temperature. Security cameras are  installed in the building and its surrounding which means that everything is monitored live and recorded. Last, parking spaces are available in the shades of the pine tree forest.

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