Subjects Distribution and Timetables

Classes start at 9:00am and end at 2:30pm. This might be a surprise to many people who are used on early timings for classes, but we believe students should have enough time to sleep and wake up comfortably. We also know that in  mountains, early hours are very cold  in winter times, and roads could be dangerous.


Students learn 6 sessions per day, each session is 50 minutes. Each day, 1 out of the 6 sessions is counted as an extracurricular period  especially for Kindergarten to Grades 6. Upper grades still have plenty of extra-curricular but since the focus is on their educational development and achievement , it is less than lower grades. This is  because usually after the 6th grade, students would have already discovered their hobbies, and they can focus on their favorite activity in the after school time.


Below is a table of curricular and extra-curricular subjects provided  at Boldwin School:


Curricular Extra-curricular
English Language Physical Education / Sports
Arabic Language Martial Arts
French Language Technology
Math Robotics
Science Arts (Acting, Movie Making, Drawing, Painting, Dance)
Social Studies / Civics Hand Writing / Calligraphy
History Chess